TJFOE2007-09-03 12:31:31

I have a little problem with graphics (f.e. "logo.gif") in html. Don't know if it is a problem of quicktext or of thunderbird ...

Writing a new message this way, is without any problem: "normally" opening the window by pushing the upper button in TB to create a message, the html quicktext-message with the local *.gif appears.

But writing a message this way, only the graphic-frame of the *.gif appears and the graphic will not be sent: Opening the adressbook, clicking on one of the adresses, then clicking on the detailed blue coloured email-adress in the window below (mailto:xy)...

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!
WizKid2007-09-03 15:53:30
How does your HTML look like that you uses?
TJFOE2007-09-04 01:36:40
I think, there could not be the problem: When I only try to import any graphic into the empty (!) message field, it is the same: No graphic is appearing! Only the frame...

I can deactivate all add-ons and the problem is the same (TB
Can you reproduce this? I'm really perplexed about this problem. I'm also using the following add-ons (every add-on deactivated - without change of the behaviour):

- folderpane_tools-
- ImportExportTools-1.2.2.xpi
- morecols-
- quicktext-

jhibbins2007-09-04 11:04:11
I have the same problem. Sometimes the graphic appears, other times I just get a small box with a red blob. I've tried with and without file:/// in the URL of the graphic, tried / and \ variants, tried %20 instead of spaces in the name etc., and it does not seem to make any difference. Yesterday it worked fine; today, blobs. Any insight very gratefully received.
TJFOE2007-09-04 12:47:24
There must be two "overlays": One, if you "create" a new message from inside the program (graphic works) and one from outside (blue coloured link in adressbook or any mail link from a website).

I've tested it with a new installation on an other pc: It is a bug in tb!
TJFOE2007-09-04 13:39:14
I've reported the bug to bugzilla.
ghernandez76752007-10-10 20:17:39
Is there a known fix for this issue? thanks
WizKid2007-10-10 20:47:24
If TJFOE is right that it is a bug in Thunderbird then there is nothing I can do about it.
Papagresh2008-05-27 01:31:38
I get around this by using the old "Smilie Inserter" extension. That extension has apparently been abandoned by its developer, as I can find no updates. I mention this because I had to hack the version compatibility info in the installation script to make it install on TB 1.05 -- I don't know if it will work with 2.x or not.

It simply inserts a GIF file from a chosen folder into any message, at the cursor. I use it to insert my logo file after my Quicktext signature.

Maybe Quicktext could use the same code to get around the bug?

If anybody knows of an upgrade or replacement for Smilie Inserter" I would like to know that information. Thanks
WizKid2008-05-27 16:00:05
Quicktext can insert images into html-mails at the cursor position. Just use <img src="file://C:\myimage.jpg" alt="Logo">
TJFOE2008-06-10 14:22:26
Here is a solution:

Eskerinola2017-01-20 18:25:43
Does anybody know how to insert a piece of spreadsheet (or even better Google spreadsheet) by calling a file, the same way we do with images? Thank you all!
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