wiren2007-09-05 10:17:07
I am using the light version of quicktext with great satisfaction, but yesterday all of a sudden the toolbar disappeared.

I tried removing, closing tb and reinstalling.

I also tried this hint from wizkid:

One thing that have worked for some that you can try is:
1. Close Thunderbird
2. Locale your Thunderbird profile folder.
3. In the extensions folder there is a folder called "{8845E3B3-E8FB-40E2-95E9-EC40294818C4}". Backup it and then remove it.
4. In the profile folder there is a file called extensions.cache. Backup it and then remove it.
5. Now start Thunderbird and cross your fingers that everything works.

No way.

Into the tools menu the quicktext entry shows, it also shows into the extensions list, but when I click on a message only standard headers are showing, no qt toolbar.

Is there any way to fix this? I have many many templates...

Thank you.
WizKid2007-09-05 18:09:05
Have you check View -> Quicktext in the Compose Window?
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