vexillia2013-11-21 20:30:06
Confirming that hack works on Pro version with following adjustments:

Use raw xpi file.
Opened with archive manager.
Navigated to and open chrome/content/quicktext.js
Replaced all 4 occurences of e.preventBubble() with e.stopPropagation().
aEditor.deleteSelection(0) not found in Pro version.
Update xpi file and close archive manager.
Install new version.
pschoenb2013-11-24 19:06:04
I can confirm it for the Pro version as well. However, I DID find an occurrence of "aEditor.deleteSelection(0)".

Now, we only need a new official release, especially for the Pro version, which of course cannot distributed as a patched version by the users.
bohemier2013-11-26 20:25:00
Nice fix Mk1_! Thanks for posting... hope the author can fix this in the official build soon.
lech72014-01-02 16:35:10
Thank you Mk1_!

This has been driving me mad for months now, so decided to take another look for an update... still no update :( Fortunately I clicked on bug reporting and can confirm that the solution posted by Mk1_ works beautifully.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with XPI files (as I were/am) turns out these are basically just zip files so you do not need a special program to unpack them - just unpack with your usual zip program, and then after making changes, re-compress the files as a zip, but with the extension 'xpi' instead of 'zip'. You can save right over the existing XPI - no need to reinstall - I never remember how to do that anyway!
cpohle2015-10-08 09:37:24
Ping. Can we still hope getting the fix implemented in an updated version?
bohemier2016-05-30 03:41:03
Was anyone able to apply the fix on the latest version (
RDL19842016-06-02 02:13:52
@bohemier (2016-05-30 03:41:03)

> Was anyone able to apply the fix on the latest version (

Please see the following attachment post to Mozilla Bugzilla bug report 1209425.

That patched version of free ("Basic") Quicktext contains

a) rkent's patch to make it work in TB45
b) Martin123's patch to make [[CURSOR]] work again
c) Mk1_'s patch to fix "Superfluous Tab character inserted since TB 24.0"

To download the patched Quicktext.xpi,

go to post 62 of

"1209425 â Quicktext Addon - Technical Problem" at:

and, in that post,
right-click on the text "attachment 8757550"
choose "Save link as.." in the resulting menu

Uninstall your current free ("Basic") Quicktext

Then install the downloaded version in Thunderbird (not in Firefox :) ) using "Install Add-on from file.."
bohemier2016-06-08 00:12:21
Thanks RDL1984... that patched version works fine... Finally back on track! :)
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