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mellster2015-07-02 16:44:08
I have read with great interest the Quicktext threads, where it notes that Thunderbird version 38 has an issue with Quicktext xml files. I see there are two workarounds--one is the fix to the XML file (where the coding on an entry is updated in ++) and the other is to roll back to an earlier version of Thunderbird (31), tweak some settings and then re-install 38.

The XML fix was applied yesterday and that worked initially for us to restore QT here, but since then, I happened to make an edit to a QT entry and now, the XML fix won't hold (my backup copy that I made yesterday after that fix was applied won't stay put). So it looks like I have to roll back to 31. I have the earlier installer, so I'm good there, but two questions:

1) do you know if a true 'fix' is in the works already? This seems huge as an issue, maybe it's been escalated to a high priority fix?

2) if not, if I install version 31 over version 38, does that still keep my email folders and such intact? I know that works when you update to a newer version, but for going backward I was not sure. OS is Windows 7 Professional sp1.

I don't want to do a reinstall if it's going to end up taking a lot of time to restore my inbox and archives today (this is work email, naturally, and I have a lot to do today with the holiday weekend upon us--I was just curious, I can deal with this in the short term if you think a fix is imminent :-)
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