dude2016-01-03 19:45:24
To my surprise, my QuickText drop-down menu disappeared.
I went to the extension settings and my templates were gone.
I restarted Thunderbird, receated my templates based on a .txt document backup, saved them, but as soon as I restarted Thunderbird, my templates were gone again.

I'm using QuickText Pro with Thunderbird 38.5.0

Thanks for your help
mikeb9412016-01-25 17:28:55
I just had the exact same thing happen - completed several template updates. Shutdown Thunderbird for the night and BAM - ALL TEMPLATES LOST - also QuickText Pro with Thunderbird 38.2

I did have QuickText (non-pro) also installed but disabled - I've LOST all the work on the updated templates - will try to re enter (and EXPORT this time - ARG!) as well as remove QuickText (non-pro) in case that's part of the problem.

Extremely frustrating and I've been a QuickText Pro user for many years...
mikeb9412016-01-25 17:47:32
Work Arounds listed at

I located the templates XML file and it was intact. I save a back up copy under another name and then imported the templates back into QuickText Pro and Save.

*** BUT THEY DISAPPEAR AGAIN when you shutdown and restart Thunderbird - so you either have to re-import every time after recycling Thunderbird or set Import on Start Up with the location of XML template back up (under the QuickText Pro General Tab)

Hope this gets fixed soon!
ivanomino2016-04-29 18:35:31
Hi, unfortunately Today all templates disappeared from your plugin.
I am using Thunderbird 45.0 (latest) and your latest version.
I am getting this:

And also on Email panel:

I tried also to uninstall and install it again, but nothing happens. Please can you help me ? Thanks
johnwrites2016-04-29 21:23:51
Me too. Thunderbird 45. I updated and made new templates . They disappear when t'bird closed. uninstalled and reinstalled .did not help
shadow8882016-04-30 01:44:19
I have noticed this also. It just started yesterday.
What else I noticed. Although the templates appear to have disappeared, if I go to the Templates tab in the options dialog box, and click in the empty space, the text of the templates show up in the box. Then - when I go back to create a message, the templates have now re-appeared. Very strange.
johnwrites2016-04-30 02:35:07
@shadow888. I noticed that too. If you look closely you can see the outlines of the box where the template text would be
shadow8882016-04-30 04:55:09
However - the templates would still vanish the next time that TB was closed and reopened (V38.5 or V45)

The only quick fix I was able to do was roll back to TB version 31.7 and reinstall QT 9.11.5 ... then re-imported the templates and everything remained stable.
Seems a shame to have to rollback that far on TB to get this to work. This was not exhaustive testing, I was just doing something to get my 3 reservations clerks back online.
And I hadn't done any changes to my templates so I haven't seen the issues that other poor unfortunates have experienced.
johnwrites2016-04-30 09:55:21
if he won't fix it or respond i am getting rid of it
nhsgary2016-05-03 20:01:58
See the fix that has been posted in the Did Emil Die thread.
RDL19842016-05-27 02:49:56
@AllUsers: Please note latest posts on this Mozilla bug report.

1209425 - Quicktext Addon - Technical Problem.

and posts following that one.

and see here that the currently new latest _free_ version on AMO (Mozilla Add-ons) works on TB45.

Quicktext :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

Thanks very much to rkent for the new version on AMO and for driving this and future progress.
berman2017-07-03 18:32:11
Hi, all. After using Quicktext Pro for years successfully, including the excellent and critical fix that rkent et al did for TB45+, I am, just in the past week, now experiencing the problem described above in this post ( (where templates.xml gets replace by a 0KB-sized empty copy of templates.xml when I restart Thunderbird. I am addicted to Quicktext Pro. Does anyone have a fix? Thank you, David
nspirov2017-07-11 11:31:47
Yes, broken again.
An appeal to the author: if you are not interested in handling the plugin further, can you open source it? I am sure there are a few programmers interested in picking it up.
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