Hubert_qt2007-02-24 21:20:59
I use thunderbird as my Email-program. On a german webpage "" your free quicktext ( was mentioned as a useful tool for text templates. Installing quicktext I could write my text phrases and can use the variables "to" provided that the names were entered in my adress book.

Now my question: Why can´t I use my own Christian and family name as the variables "from" although my name is written correct to the Email-account. Additionally I added my name and Email-adress to the personal adressbook. But there are no data set entries calling the variable "from"?
How can I change / fit my installation for using the from-variables?
WizKid2007-02-24 23:30:08
Your email address in the addressbook must be all lowercase and check so you don't exists in serveral places in the same or different address books. Because if you are in more then one place the problem could be that Quicktext find the wrong one.
Hubert_qt2007-02-27 10:25:35
Your hint was successful. Using only lowercase letters in my Email-address in the addressbook made the from-variables full functional. But by the way I like to use capital letters to structure an Email-name; it personalises an otherwise formal wording.
Thank you, Hubert_qt
WizKid2007-02-27 15:49:50
The problem is a bug in Thunderbird. So there is nothing I can do :(
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