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nickname not working for contacts from Mac OSX adrphilippp02012-11-14 10:15:15
by philippp
Modified version of quicktextlzlhero32012-11-02 11:54:13
by brunorsay
Error with variable [[TO=firstname]] in Thunderbirjonjon62012-10-09 05:58:23
by lzlhero
Keywords or alt shortcuts with macsquare.bench@gmail.com02012-09-13 19:47:45
by - Cursor Postion not working either in sukiravi02012-06-27 18:57:05
by kiravi
QUICKTEXT 22:03:18
by avsfan
quicktext_0.9.11.3 / Thunderbird 9.0.1 /Wenner02012-01-04 10:17:46
by Wenner
Quicktext incompatible with Thunderbird 3blaubaer32011-11-14 12:49:05
by hquadrat
Quicktext creates bugs in TB8qtom12011-11-11 21:50:04
by teegeepen
paste variable [[FROM=firstname]]Dozer00922011-10-11 17:42:18
by Dozer009
strange insertion of text when I use "--"julie@hisplaceresort.net02011-09-24 23:31:04
Templates in TB 6.01 not found by message filterstaxman02011-09-08 20:59:41
by taxman
Thunderbird 6.0poetman62011-08-17 17:23:35
by GayzeN
Quicktext Pro won't work with TB 5.0jmccuneprQT12011-08-04 21:14:54
by jmccuneprQT
Broken for Postbox 2.5boudry02011-07-20 13:17:06
by boudry bugcassioac02011-07-11 20:59:16
by cassioac
Thunderbird 5 and Quicktextdgrev02011-07-07 07:09:29
by dgrev
Thunderbird 5 and Quicktextdgrev02011-07-07 06:50:18
by dgrev
Thunderbird 5 and Quicktextdgrev02011-07-07 06:50:10
by dgrev
Bug in the bug reporting systemdgrev02011-07-07 06:49:59
by dgrev
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